housing near Ohio University

Housing near Ohio University on Palmer Street, Byard Street, Kurtz Street, and near uptown with parking, w&d, dishwashers, and more.

Athens Ohio Rentals has housing near Ohio University in a variety of options. We have large houses with as many as 8 bedrooms or small 1 bedroom units. We can also accommodate large groups of up to 23 people with one of our apartment complexes. 30 W. Stimson Ave has 14 total apartments to choose from. Maybe 10 friends rent 4 apartments and you are all near each other living the college dream. 15,17,19 Byard each offer 5 bedroom 2 bathroom units so get 15 total people and no need to worry about your neighbors. We have a 13 bedroom grouping on Mill and a 12 bedroom / 5 apartment grouping at 90 / 94 W. State. Whatever housing near Ohio University you choose Athens Ohio Rentals can handle your group. Selecting a roommate for your housing near Ohio University is extremely important. Please select a good friend or someone you know that will make a great roommate. We also have 1 bedroom housing near Ohio University if you want to live solo. Athens Ohio Rentals wants you to be happy so take your time with roommate selection.

102 W. State Street --- Ohio University student housing --- 4 bedroom house --- Contact Hunter Rentals 843-457-2688

This is a big and cozy house. It has a large living room, large kitchen with a dishwasher and washer & dryer and each bedroom has individual bedroom locks. It has 2 full bathrooms and has a great front porch and a small deck on the back of the house. There are 2 parking spots in the back of the house. A new heater / central air conditioning unit was installed July 2013.

19 Kurtz Street (off of Mill Street) ---1 bedroom open for Spring Semester in a 5 bedroom house near Court Street --- Contact Jageman Rentals 740-591-4786

House for 5 people This house is located between Palmer Place apartments and Mill Street. It has a large front porch, large kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 2 bathrooms, basement for storage, and washer/dryer.